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2012 State Fair Birthing Center

Every year, students in our ANSC program are invited to apply to join the "University of Maryland Agricultural Fair Team”, which is the team that operates the Maryland State Fair Birthing Center and gives tours of the animal barns to State Fair visitors. These students are selected and trained by ANSC Emeritus Professor Dr. Tom Hartsock (along with an attending veterinarian) in the care of mothers and their offspring before, during and after parturition. Students get experience with sows and piglets, cows and calves, and also hatching chicks! Additionally, students are responsible for leading tours of the livestock barns and educating fair-goers on the uses, breeds and little-known facts related to the various species of animals present. This is an amazing opportunity for students to get real, hands-on farm animal experience and to share their love and knowledge of farm animals with the public.


Emily Beall - Veterinary Internship Abroad

Read about Emily's experiences in Costa Rica and Nicaragua as a veterinary intern.

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