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Research in the Department of Animal and Avian Sciences is focused on FOUR core areas (Nutrient Utilization & Metabolism, Genetics & Cell Biology, Reproduction & Development, and Pathobiology & Infectious Diseases) that interact in an interdisciplinary manner, thereby fostering scientific collaborations among research groups. As such, the Department’s research programs extend beyond traditional areas of animal science and include investigation into the molecular, cellular and biochemical basis of animal reproduction and development.

Genetics & Cell Biology

Genetics & Cell Biology Group

Faculty in our Genetics and Cell Biology Group investigate the genetic basis for animal growth, disease resistance, and nutrient efficiency, and the mechanisms underlying nutrient uptake, cellular differentiation, and lipid secretion.

Nutrient Utilization & Metabolism

Nutrient Utilization & Metabolism Group

Faculty in our Nutrient Utilization and Metabolism Group study the uptake, transport and fate of nutrients in animals, the nutritional requirements of animals, and procedures for minimizing nutrient loss to the environment.

Reproduction & Development

Reproduction & Development Group

Faculty in our Reproduction and Development Group study gamete preservation, embryonic development, growth biology, and effects of the environment on reproduction.

Pathobiology & Infectious Diseases

Pathobiology & Infectious Diseases

Faculty in our Pathobiology & Infectious Diseases Group study...