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From top left to right (starting in the back): Charlie Apter, Ed Orlando, Amy Burk, Iqbal Hamza, Rich Erdman, Tom Porter, Bhanu Telugu, Byung Kim, Brian Bequette, Rick Kohn,
Liqing Yu, Kasey Moyes, Zhengguo Xiao, Ray Stricklin, Carol Keefer, Debu Biswas, Li Ma, John Song, Sarah Balcom, Lisa Taneyhill and Bob Peters

ANSC Faculty Members

Name Phone Number Email Lab Web Page
Dr. C. Roselina Angel
Avian Nutrition
Dr. Brian J. Bequette
Nutritional Biochemistry
301-405-8457 Lab Web Page
Dr. Debabrata Biswas
Foodborne Bacterial Infections and Safety
Dr. Amy O. Burk
Equine Science and Management
301-405-8337 Lab Web Page
Dr. Rich A. Erdman
Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Metabolism
Dr. Iqbal Hamza
Cell Biology and Genetics of Micronutrient Metabolism
301-405-0649 Lab Web Page
Dr. Carol L. Keefer
Early Embryonic Development
301-405-3933 Lab Web Page
Dr. Byung-Eun Kim
Cellular and Molecular Nutrition / Metal Metabolism
Dr. Rick A. Kohn
Animal Nutrition Management
301-405-4583 Lab Web Page
Dr. Li Ma
Statistical and Population Genetics/Genomics
Dr. Kasey M. Moyes
Nutritional Immunology - Dairy Cattle
Dr. Edward F. Orlando
Reproductive Development and Endocrinology of Fishes
301-405-6386 Lab Web Page
Dr. Robert R. Peters
Extension Dairy Specialist: Dairy Management
Dr. Tom E. Porter - Department Chair
Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology of Animal Growth and Development
301-405-1366 Lab Web Page
Dr. Jiuzhou "John" Song
Statistical Genomics and Bioinformatics
301-405-5943 Lab Web Page
Dr. W. Ray Stricklin
Animal Behavior
Dr. Lisa A. Taneyhill
Developmental Biology/Embryonic Patterning
301-405-0597 Lab Web Page
Dr. Bhanu Telugu
Molecular Reproduction and Stem Cell Biology
301-504-5295 Lab Web Page
Dr. Curry Woods
Aquaculture, Physiology/Reproduction, and Nutrition
301-405-7974 Lab Web Page
Dr. Zhengguo Xiao
301-405-6258 Lab Web Page
Dr. Liqing Yu
Lipid Metabolism and Disease
Dr. Nick G. Zimmermann
Extension Poultry Specialist

Emeritus Faculty Members

Name Email
Dr. John Doerr
Dr. Larry Douglass
Dr. Tom Hartsock
Dr. Ian Mather
Dr. Joseph Soares
Dr. John Vandersall
Dr. Mark Varner
Dr. Inder Vijay
Dr. Dennis Westhoff
Dr. Walt Williams

ANSC Lecturers

Name Phone Number Email
Dr. Charlie Apter 301-405-7721
Dr. Sarah Balcom 301-405-6495
Dr. Angela Black 301-405-8970
Dr. Cindy Driscoll 410-226-5193, ext. 138
Dr. Chris Hakenkamp

Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty Members

Name Phone Number Email
Dr. Randy Baldwin 301-504-8964
Dr. Anthony V. Capuco 301-504-8672
Dr. Pierre Comizzoli 202-633-4045
Dr. Erin Connor 301-504-6104
Dr. Elizabeth Koustos 805-748-8344
Dr. George Liu 301-504-9843
Dr. Budhan Pukazhenthi 202-633-4047
Dr. Barnett Rattner 301-497-5671
Dr. Nucharin Songsasen 540-622-8415
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