The Department of Animal & Avian Sciences Campus Farm Revitalization Project The University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Welcome to the University of Maryland Campus Farm!

The Department of Animal and Avian Sciences (ANSC) Campus Farm is nestled in the middle of the College Park Campus adjacent to the ANSC building and the Comcast Center. The ANSC Campus Farm is considered to be the “jewel” of the department as it provides essential hands-on learning opportunities for our students and it serves as a showcase for the Animal Sciences discipline to all campus visitors.

The ANSC Campus Farm is used primarily for teaching in 11 ANSC classes, 3 classes in the Institute of Applied Agriculture, and 3 student organizations. Throughout the year, the ANSC Campus Farm is home to horses, sheep, and dairy cows, with pigs, chickens, beef steers, and dairy heifers being temporary occupants. The farm features 3 main barns, a poultry house, two outdoor teaching arenas, an equipment/bedding/tractor storage shed, and an office building. The ANSC Campus Farm Manager along with the “Farm Crew” work diligently to keep the animals healthy, ensure the teaching laboratories are running smoothly, and to keep the facility in tip top shape for our many visitors. The Farm Crew is a group of paid undergraduate students who assist the ANSC Campus Farm Manager with the day-to-day operations while gaining valuable practical farm experience to make them competitive in today’s job market.

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